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Ideal briefcase to paint the Luxumbra miniatures, with 29 Vallejo colors and Ultra Harder & Steenbeck Aérograph.

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Do you want to get immerse in the collecting and painting miniatures world, but you don’t have the materials you need? Get your Luxumbra painting briefcase and get everything you’ll need to start painting your favorite figures!

You have no excuse for your Infinity miniatures not to look the way you want!

Features of our Luxumbra starter painting pack

Our briefcase contains all the indispensable elements to start painting Luxumbra miniatures.

The acrylics from the brand Vallejo, a paint house specialized in wargaming and miniaturism, will give the best finishing to your Luxumbra sculptures. In addition, you’ll have 29 different colors that correspond to the pigments needed to paint any of our figures.

If you always wanted to learn how to use an airbrush, or you just like the way your miniatures look after painting them with this method and you want to master your techniques, you’ll find one in our briefcase from the brand Ultra Harder & Steenbeck, with its corresponding hose.

We know that if you use an airbrush, it is essential that you apply the correct maintenance. That’s why we’ve also added an Airbrush Cleaner from Vallejo so you can keep your airbrush clean.

This way, you can get the best results every time you paint a miniature.

  • 29 colors from Vallejo
  • Ultra Harder & Steenbeck airbrush
  • Hose to use the airbrush
  • Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner canister

With this painting initiation briefcase, no figure will resist your skills! From the anime aesthetic looks of the pilot of the Japanese sectorial army O-Yoroi to the reddish tones of your Daturazi to the armor of the living legend Tarik Mansuri. In addition, thanks to the wide variety of acrylics that we include in this case, you can also go creative and dare to come up with your own designs.

Are you ready to give Infinity collectibles a life of their own?

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