Bust of Joan of Arc of the army Panoceanía of the Infinity Universe.


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Every collection of Infinity game figures worth his salt must get the great Joan of Arc, leader of the army of PanOceania, the first superpower of the Human Sphere.

That’s why here, in Luxumbra, we decided to design the bust of this warrior capable of leading all the soldiers to combat, inspiring them courage and determination.

Whether you’re an amateur in the painting miniatures world, a skilled painter or you just love all the Infinity Universe related stuff, this piece is perfect for you.

Features of Joan of Arc, from the PanOceanian Army

The 3D model of Joan of Arc carries her sword firmly, always ready for battle. You can clearly appreciate the delicacy of her features, which hide her great tenacity and determination, essential abilities that every leader must have.

Like the rest of Luxumbra products, Joan of Arc is made of high quality resin to make your painting process as simple as possible. In addition, her armor is full of details and reliefs that will give her the necessary realism. Her hair, in movement, enhances the dynamism of the bust.

  • Bust made of high quality resin formed of 4 pieces.
  • Unmounted and unpainted.
  • Approximate maximum height: 6 cm / 2.36 in.
  • Base not included.
  • Under Corvus Belli Infinity license.

PanOceania and Joan of Arc

“I can see a future in my soldiers’ eyes”

Multicultural and democratic, the PanOceanian faction is the number one power of the whole Human Sphere. It is also the one with more planets, best economy and most advanced technology.

Our Joan of Arc arises from the so-called Maiden of Orleans Operation, that aimed to provide their army with a military leader capable of inspiring them and taking them to the battlefield full of energy and courage.

Joan of Arc has all it takes to be considered a great leader. Every soldier in the PanOceanian army follows her wherever she goes. She is able to turn any fight around even in her most terrible moments. Her voice breathes the strength her troops need.

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