EQUIPE MIRAGE – 5 75mm y 110mm


Full figures from Duroc & Margot, Ariadna Army from Infinity Universe.


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Features of Equipe Mirage – 5

This miniature is reproduced on a bigger scale than the game, which makes it the perfect choice to paint and collect alongside all the other epic characters of the Infinity game..

  • BoxArt: Sergio Calvo Miniatures
  • Sculptor: Javier Ureña.
  • Miniature of high quality resin by BigChild Creatives.
  • 14 pieces unmounted and unpainted.
  • Height: 75 mm & 110mm
  • Base is not included.
  • Under Corvus Belli Infinity license.


Equipe Mirage – 5

“Jumping off a plane is worth it just to see the looks on their faces when I’m falling on top of them.” – Sgt. Lafayette Duroc, Mirage-5 Dog-warrior.

“Sometimes, no matter how able you are to wreak havoc, you need some blunt support… someone capable of putting the cherry on top of a successful mission. If I’m being honest if she weren’t on my side I would be terrified of her capacity for action, and how she eliminates the enemy with ease even before they become a bother. She’s like a devastating storm, destroying everything in her way without any regard. I wouldn’t hesitate to trust her with my life, which I actually do every single time we are deployed on a mission. I never thought it would be so easy to team up with someone.”

– Sgt. Lafayette Duroc, Mirage-5 Dog-warrior, Mirage-5 team member. Teamwork assessment extract regarding his teammate Lt.Margot Berthier.

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