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Metal base for Luxumbra busts.

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Do you already own a good collection of busts of the characters of the Infinity wargame and you need a place to show them off? In Luxumbra we already thought about everything, that’s why we also have an ideal bust base so that your figures have the perfect base to shine!

Features of the Luxumbra’s base for busts

The base for busts has a metal pedestal lacquered in matte black to highlight your Infinity Collection: the perfect choice for any of your Luxumbra’s busts.

  • Metal pedestal shaped base.
  • Covered with matt black lacquer.

If you already checked out some of the busts we have at our online store like the PanOceanian leader, Joan of Arc or Acherontia, soldier of the Nomads Army, we strongly advise you to get this base for their busts. This way, as you are done painting them, you can put them in the pedestal, let them dry completely and avoid your art to end up at the floor.

Also: who doesn’t like to show off their creations in a vitrine or shelf? Add all the bust bases you need to your cart and collect all Infinity Universe figures!

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