Ángel Giráldez Masterclass Vol. 2


Volume 2 of the painter Ángel Girálldez.

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If you are a fan of Infinity or you are a painter of miniatures wanting to continue learning new techniques and improve your skills, the book Painting Miniatures from A to Z – Angel Giráldez Masterclass Vol. 2 is just made for you. An essential piece of your personal library.

Ángel Giráldez is considered one of the best miniature painters of the world. He is the head chief in Corvus Belli’s Painting Department. Now, thanks to his new book, you’ll get the chance to learn all his tips and how to apply them to your figures step by step.

Everyone will envy your new skills!

Characteristics of the book Painting Miniatures from A to Z – Angel Giráldez Masterclass Vol 2

Painting Miniatures from A to Z – Ángel Giráldez Masterclass Vol 2 is a guide that complements his first book, Masterclass Vol. 1.

In his new work, Giráldez unveils new tricks and techniques that will take you to the next level in the miniature painting world. To help you apply the tricks and improve your painting skills, the book has a great deal of photos that illustrate each step in detail, making it easy to follow the entire process. You won’t miss a thing!

In addition, the masterclass section of the book includes a guide of how to paint all the armies of Infinity. Also, you’ll find out which are the chosen colors by Ángel when he paints his own miniatures. An unique opportunity to breathe life into your troops learning from a master.

  • Format: A4 paperback.
  • Language: English.
  • Pages: 152.

Get your brushes once again and enjoy your travel with Ángel into this new chapter of the figure painting universe. Are you ready to improve your skills and become an expert of the miniature painting?

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