Full figure of Ajax, Aleph army of the Infinity Universe.


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The alien threat is getting closer to the Human Sphere and, to defeat it, action must be taken quickly. That is why the A.I. Aleph created the sectorial army of the Mirmidons, great soldiers full of strength and passion. Among them stands out Ajax The Great, a character created by Aleph and inspired by Achilles.

In Luxumbra we regard him as an essential Infinity character. We bring him back on a larger scale than the game so you can include him in your collection of miniatures and give free will to your painting skills, regardless of your level of expertise.

Your collection of miniatures will not be complete until you have Ajax The Great in your ranks!

Features of Ajax The Great, from the army of Aleph

Ajax The Great miniature undoubtedly reflects the greatness of the character. His face in tension, his colossal axe and his armour are made in a great deal of details that make the finishing outstanding.

Also, the fact that the figure is made with high quality resin allows you to apply different painting techniques, getting the best results.

  • Miniature of high quality resin, of 7 pieces.
  • Unmounted and unpainted.
  • Height: 90 mm / 3.54 in.
  • Base is not included.
  • Under Corvus Belli Infinity license.

Ajax The Great and A.I. Aleph

“Don´t follow me, only I can survive there”

Aleph’s A.I. controls the vastness of data of the entire Human Sphere. It is the Human Sphere’s great ally, although the Nomad faction still thinks Aleph only works for its own benefit. It has its own army, among which is the Mirmidon sectorial, a group of soldiers willing to stop the alien incursion.

Ajax The Great is a replica of Achilles and like him, he is a passionate and courageous hero. He is willing to do anything to protect the Human Sphere. His massive strength is unstoppable on the battlefield.

Nothing scares him. Everyone fears him.

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