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Welcome to Luxumbra! We are a Spanish company devoted to the creation and sale of collectible miniatures. All the miniatures we have in our online store have been created exclusively for the brand. They are divided into different thematic ranges and come unpainted so you can take out your brushes and decorate them as you want.

Since our birth, Luxumbra’s main goal was, is and will be to design figures with high quality finishings. For that, we only use top notch materials and we ensure a careful manufacturing process. This process let us create exact replications of the characters from the games that they’re inspired by. This way, you can have the best quality busts and miniatures of your favorite hobby on your hands.

In Luxumbra we offer a catalog of miniatures of collectibles and busts created on a higher scale than the actual game. This way, you can get to expand your figures collection, develop your passion for painting miniatures or just break in for the first time into this exciting world.

Miniaturism is fascinating. In Luxumbra we work every day to create an unique place where you can find everything you have ever wished for. So, in addition to the figures, there’s also room for accessories related to the painting of miniatures. We don’t want you to miss any item to expand your collection.

In essence, we are a company that aims to show a new way of breaking into the collecting and painting miniatures world. We are always seeking to create high quality figures, so that when they reach your hands, you can try all the techniques you want and yield neat and awesome results.

Take a look to the products of our online store and add new miniatures and busts to your outstanding collection!

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